Spare parts for the Fermentograph Type JM 451

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This list will it make easy for you to find out which spare part you will need for your Fermentograph Type JM 451.

Spare parts list for Fermentograph JM 451
Pos. Description
T2-01 Diagr.Clockwork.Compl.Incl.Cylinder
T2-011 Diagram Clockwork
T2-02 Stearing tube for pen
T2-03 Penholder
T2-031 Arm for penholder
T2-05 Oil plug for float
T2-06 Cont-Therm.Dig.Incl.Heat Rel 110V or 220V
T2-07 Thermostat controller
T2-08 Water plug
T2-09 Electrical heating plug 110V or 220V
T2-10 Drain cock
T2-11 One hour clock timer (new mod.)
T2-12 Door for fermentation chamber compl.
T2-13 Rubber sealing for door
T2-14 Door vent valve
T2-16 Float
T2-17 Diagram charts 550 pcs.
T2-18 Fibre tipped pen
T2-19 Holder for fibre tipped pen
T2-20 Holder for diagram charts
T2-21 Paraffin oil 10 lit.
T2-21A Paraffin oil 5 lit.
T2-22 Standard baking mould
T2-23 Flange for chamber door
T2-25 Calibration instrument
T2-26 Gauge rod

Spare parts list for the Fermentograph for download

Spare parts for the Fermentograph (28.1 KiB)