We are producing and selling the worlds leading Fermentograh

If you are looking for a fermentograph you have come right. Our SJA Fermentograph Type JM 451 is a self-recording analyser for baker's yeast. It records continuously evolution of carbon dioxide in a sought.

Our Fermentograph is a well known analyser from the international IUPAC-test. It gives the same standard information throughout the world.

This Fermentograph is necessary for all yeast-manufactures, industrial bakeries, flour mills, cereal research institutions, laboratories etc.

Features of the Fermentograph JM 451:

  • High precision
  • Analysis under strictly comtrolled conditions
  • Gives a true continous picture of carbon dioxide evolution.
  • Variations in samte type of flour gives no significant disturbance
  • Internationally applied method
  • All results in one diagram
  • Easy to operate and handle
  • Reliable in service

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Göran Carlsson with a Fermentograph
The inventor, Göran Carlsson, with a Fermentograph Lili